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Online Table planner

Wedding, baptism,
place your guests with ease.

Guest list

Quickly create your guest list importing from:

  • Google contacts

  • Excel

Table plan

Have fun creating your table plan, it is so easy!

Print or share!

  • Print your table plan to display it in the reception hall.
  • Share your table plan with the caterer, the wedding planner or your friends.

Your guest list in one click.

Create your guest list by importing your contacts from Excel or your Google contacts!


Keep track of who is coming to the reception or to the ceremony.

Easy to place tables.

Just drag and drop the tables to the floor plan!

Easy to place your guests.

Just drag and drop to seat your guests!

Group your guests.

When you add manually your gests, grouping them will allow to place them together automatically!

Resize tables.

Resize table is simple, just drag.

Rotate tables.

Rotate the tables as you want.

Rename tables.

Select the table and change the text in the input

Create different versions

Clone your event to test different table plan arrangements

Export your table plan & your guest list!

Export your floor plan as PDF and your guest list as Excel!

Share your table plan(s) with the venue.

By sharing with the venue, the venue will be able to view your latest changes, interact with the floor plan and to check-in the guests for your ceremony!